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Privacy Policy -
G Tech Sol

We value the privacy of our customers. G Tech Sol is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our clients, partners, and other website visitors' personal information (who may choose to provide personal communication). We recognise the need for appropriate protection and management of your personal information.

This privacy statement explains the kinds of data we might gather, how we could use it, and who might get access to it.

Privacy Policy

Our Data Collection Practices

G Tech Sol is an international software company; Together with our subsidiaries, we have written these privacy policies to explain our online data protection practices.

  1. We collect your data when you send an Email, fill out our contact form or apply for employment through our website.
  2. The personal data collected must be used fairly and lawfully.
  3. The company ensures that user data is kept secure using technical and organisational measures.
  4. Before you use our website, we familiarise you with our policy and its details.
  5. We collect information for various purposes to provide and improve services to you.
  6. We utilise cookies and other tracking technology to keep track of user behaviour on our service and track certain information. We use cookies and other tracking technology to keep track of user behaviour on our service and track certain information.
  7. We include our website term of use at the end of this policy.
  8. We ensure that we keep the user’s data for the length of time required for the purpose for which it is collected.

Note: We update our policy and terms periodically, and we urge you to read them regularly for any updates.

How do we use your data?

We only utilise personal information for proper business needs.

Offering services

Your data won’t be shared, transferred, sold, or provided to businesses other than G Tech Sol or a reliable third party.


We may communicate (Via Mail, Email, or Phone call) periodic information or promotional content.

Provision of Services

Your information enables us to address your service requirements and requests better.

Improvement of our Services and Websites

Based on your information and input, we constantly work to enhance our website. We may disclose personal information if we have a good faith belief that disclosure of such information is helpful or reasonably necessary to:

  1. Observe all applicable laws, rules, and legal requirements.
  2. Enforce our policies, including investigation of potential violations
  3. Detect, prevent or take legal actions regarding fraudulent activities, wrongdoing or security issues
  4. To use our legal defence options in response to lawsuits

Your Rights as a Data Subject

Ask what information we have about you.

You ask us what information we are keeping, why, and how we are using it.

View your personal information

You have the right to see the data we have stored about you.

Update your information

In case the data is outdated or incorrect.

Ask us to delete your data

  1. You may request the deletion of your personal information
  2. You can ask us to stop collecting, processing, or transmitting your personal information at any time.
  3. You may ask us to send your profile in a usable electronic format
  4. You may request a suspension of our use of your data for various reasons

How we protect your data?

To determine how long we will keep your data, we consider the type, amount and nature of your information.

  1. We ensure strict security protocols to protect all personal data.
  2. We use stringent measures to prevent fraudulent activities.
  3. Our storage and transmission techniques are designed to avoid unlawful copying.
  4. Your information will be kept on our servers or our affiliates’ servers.
  5. Our protocol shows the differing level of security measures that depend on data sensitivity.
  6. Once we meet our legal and contractual obligations, we will securely destroy your data.

Feel free to Contact Us

If you have any queries or want to discuss our privacy policy, call us at +61280056676 or email us at